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Are You Driven By Focus Or Fear?

Are entrepreneurs just delusional? If what you're doing feels like a struggle, is that how it should always feel? Based on real-world research and case studies from groups of successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs driven by fear debunk the idea that success and happiness go hand in hand.

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Don't Be An April Fool

Today sees the start of a new month, but it is not just any 1st of the month; it is the 1st of April, making it April Fools Day. I did some research as I was interested to find out the origin of this day.

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Leadership Behaviour To Avoid

Acknowledge your wrongdoings or weaknesses can be challenging for a leader. However, leaders who are more self-aware and are willing to reflect on their leadership qualities and behaviour with an open mind become better leaders. 

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Leadership In The New Normal

For businesses and brands to have survived, they have had to adopt an innovative approach to strategy and be agile and respond to changing circumstances. Companies have had to find new ways to keep trading, connect with customers and keep their brands and business alive.

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Resilient Leadership

It is at these times that organisations need resilient leaders to guide their organisations through this crisis. Leaders need to sustain their energy level under pressure to cope with disruptive changes and adapt quickly.

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Leading Volunteers

Many business owners or business leaders believe they can "dictate" what we want to achieve to succeed. They pay their staff, so they think their staff owe them something. This leadership style may work in the short term.

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Are You A Yo-Yo Leader?

Not being consistent as a leader can harm your business and your teams. When a leader is inconsistent, people wait to act. They wait to see what will be asked of them before they take action. Then, even if they are sure they know what action should be taken, they will hesitate.

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Who Has The Power?

The challenge many leaders face is a lack of buy-in from their leadership teams. This lack of buy-in or conflict on where you are going will result in poor service delivery, disgruntled customers and staff with low morale. When lobbed together, this will cause nothing but disruption to your business and, ultimately, your failure.

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What Skills do Leaders Need?

Effective leaders have strong leadership skills and can drive an organisation to future success. An organisation needs to provide training programs to support its leaders in gaining the required leadership competencies.

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Leaders Light The Fire Within

Many people do not understand the importance of leadership development, and how important it is to work with a leadership development coach on your leadership development journey.

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