What Is Leadership Coaching?

Although in principle Leadership Coaching is similar to Executive Coaching, I like to distinguish between the two. Leadership Coaching or Leadership Development Coaching focuses more on the leaders' soft skills, personal development and relationship with themselves and in turn their relationship with others.

The distinction is minimal; however, Leadership Coaching is a process of understanding yourself, your trigger points and developing your emotional intelligence and other soft or human skills. Leadership coaching works hand in hand with a Leadership Development Programme, which is usually a longer-term interaction.

For you, as a leader to engage effectively with others, you need first to understand yourself. This self-awareness will assist you in driving all areas of improvement in business from defining and executing a vision to handling diversity, transformation and change management, ensuring your organisation not only adapts to the ever-changing marketplace but instead leads and innovates.

As your leadership coach, I will act as your sounding board, creating a safe, structured and trustworthy environment, where I will aid you in gaining self-awareness and clarifying your goals.

Whether you want to enhance your leadership skills or to gain the insights and mentorship from a seasoned executive, as your coach, I will get you there.

Leadership Coaching can often focus on new, future or emerging leaders in business. Although their challenges may not be the same as the executives in the organisation, they still need a sounding board to guide them and hold them accountable.

Leadership coaching is an investment in your top executives and high potential team members. For new executives, the coaching programme should form part of the executive leadership development programme.

Your leadership coaching can be individual or group sessions with other leaders in your organisation. The coaching sessions will take place face to face or online. 

Don't delay, start your leadership coaching and development today!

What is Executive Coaching?
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