The corner office that signifies reaching the top of the corporate ladder comes at a price. Stress levels and added responsibilities can send blood pressure readings through the roof because no corporate executive can do it alone, despite what he believes.

Who Is 
Sonja Shear

Driven By The Results YOU Achieve

Hi, I'm Sonja.

I come from a background of over 20 years in the corporate world. I know all about working hard, sleepless nights, shareholders expectations and the fears of getting it wrong. Having started my career in sales and marketing, followed by extensive experience in operational execution and delivering excellence in business performance, I understand executive and leadership demands.

During my time as an executive, I encountered many challenges, including revitalising a market-leading business going through changes in technology which resulted in the product and the business offering at the time becoming obsolete. I was instrumental in launching two global brands into untapped Southern African markets, turning multimillion-dollar losses into profitable organisations and running business distribution channels in African markets, including markets such as Nigeria, Angola and Kenya where no formal distribution footprint existed.

I am and always have been driven by success and achieving results, not only financial but also operational, developing individuals and teams and advancing within areas of governance.

After an extensive and rewarding career working in global multinational businesses, at Executive and Managing director level, I decided to explore my strengths in coaching and mentorship of others, starting my own business offering coaching to C-suite executives and business owners in many spheres in 2014.

I am an “A type” personality, which makes me an outgoing, ambitious individual with a direct approach to matters at hand. I love to work hard and play hard. My coaching allows me to create a space for people to be the architect of their success. My coaching methodology is based on leveraging each client’s strengths and inner resources to develop success.

I follow the intelligent leadership coaching process of awareness, assessment, action and achievement, as the four-phase roadmap to success. My greatest strength comes from my experience gathered in my career and the knowledge gained in coaching other successful executives.


What can you expect from me?

I balance encouragement and support with objective opinion.

I will ask the right questions at the right times, challenging your insights and pushing you to push yourself. 

I create a safe space for you to openly discuss your challenges while maintaining full confidentiality.

I provide open honest feedback, which will force you to think outside the box. I will tell you what you need to hear and not necessarily what you may want to hear.

What I can do for your business.

I have an innate ability to identify real challenges that exist in businesses. I understand that often when working in a business, it is not easy to look from the outside in. To critically assess what you could be doing differently. To see what others are experiencing about your business while you may be looking for excuses. The reality is there are many things you cannot change, politics, economic downturn. However, there are elements that you can influence and take responsibility for changing. These are the changes I can help you identify.

When things change in an environment, which they always will. You need to be able to step back, step out and look at your business with a new set of critical eyes. Adapt or die!

I have successfully helped business reposition themselves for growth and success. In some cases, it may be about adding products or service to your portfolio. In other cases, it is about repositioning your business to reach new markets. There are very few businesses which can be all things to all people. Together we will define where you should be placing your business offering to drive increased success. 

I have done this successfully in my corporate career. I have successful done this within my past and existing customer bases. I have moved businesses from small margin, low profit to niche profit-driven businesses. I have changed brick and mortar business into successful hybrid companies. I have shifted thinking from can't do to can do and have done.

If you are running out of ideas, redoing your SWOT plans but still not managing to identify how to grow your business. I can help and guide you.

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