What Is Business Coaching?

When I refer to Business Coaching, I am referring to a coaching process where a business owner or entrepreneur works in a one on one relationship with me as their coach. Business coaching usually takes place in a smaller or medium-sized enterprise.

My business coaching process will take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be in the future.

Although the business coaching process covers elements of personal development for you as the business owner, it also focuses on assisting you in defining goals, strategies, objectives, as well as a vision for the future.

In the business coaching process, as your coach, I will help you as a business owner to prioritise, identify and set plans in place to achieve your business and personal goals.

I understand that many businesses form out of one's passion and dreams and that often the transition from employee to employer is a difficult one to make.

I will provide you with tools to assist you in reaching the critical milestones for your business success. As your coach, I will motivate you, be your sounding board, as well as hold you accountable for fulfilling your commitments to yourself, those around you and to me, your coach.

Your business coaching can be individual or group sessions with other key players in your organisation. The coaching sessions will take place face to face or online. 

Learn more about what to expect from business coaching.

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Appointing Business Coaches as Company “Fixers”

Employing an independent business coach as a company “fixer” is a growing trend among astute CEO’s who are facing even more rapid and disruptive changes in a world operating on a pandemic knife-edge.

As company leaders come to grips with the fact that a “command-and-control” leadership strategy is no longer viable, an increasing number of CEO’s are turning towards external business coaches to steer their businesses through choppy waters. In fact, according to an article published on Linkedin.com, the business demand for coaching is almost doubling every year.

There are hundreds of professional coaches based worldwide who provide an array of coaching strategies to executives at Fortune 1000 companies, while up to 40 per cent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches. There is an obvious reason for that if one considers that success breeds more success.

As more businesses become the beneficiaries of successful strategies implemented by external business coaches, their CEO’s have come to realise the value of impartiality to clarify goals and unlock the potential on the road to achieving development objectives. Coaching gives business leaders an impartial perspective into the obstacles standing between them and the objective of achieving goals and identifying skills and key strengths.

What does Business coaching achieve?

1. It empowers business leaders to excel at work.
2. It uncovers hidden strengths and weaknesses.
3. It creates goals that eliminate weaknesses and track progress.

It is a documented fact that 71% of companies do not believe their leaders can carry their organisation into the future. To combat these statistics, businesses are implementing coaching programmes to increase the impetus of effective leadership. A study of Fortune 1000 companies revealed that 48% of leaders who underwent coaching displayed improved work quality. This led to higher productivity and gave leaders the outlet needed to inspire and motivate their employees.

What are the five benefits of Business coaching?

1. Empowerment for leaders to excel.
2. Insight to gain a new perspective on everyday responsibilities.
3. Free Thinking to widen the horizon of tunnel vision thought processes.
4. Enhanced performance that changes attitudes and abilities.
5. Improved Communication highlights areas requiring improvement.
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