What Is Executive Coaching?

When I refer to executive coaching, I am usually referring to coaching members of the C-suite, directors or partners in an organisation.

To help you gain an understanding of my role as your executive coach, it is important to understand that I am not there to performance manage you, or to tell you what you are doing wrong. Neither do I think I have all the answers. You are the expert in your industry, so I am not there to try and fix you.

As an executive leader, you are probably already delivering excellent results but may want even better results. My executive coaching process focuses on looking ahead, recognising opportunities,  encouraging you to increase autonomy for your teams to help them to define what’s meaningful about their daily work and opening up possibilities for you and your business.

I create a confidential thinking space for my clients. As an executive, you will see this space as one of the main benefits of executive leadership coaching. I do a lot of listening, something I know can be a luxury to many executives. I question the status quo and challenge your assumption to mobilise your inner resources to solve your problem and achieve your goals.

I am highly supportive of my clients; however, I know support is not enough, you need to be challenged too. I, therefore, focus on a mix of high support and high challenging as this will give you the best results.

I know that an executive leadership coaching engagement is an investment, not least in terms of your time. You may, therefore, question if appointing an executive coach is worth it. The answer is a resounding YES. I know the results you want to get from your executive coaching should be swift and dramatic, and that is what you get with me as your coach.

Our executive leadership coaching sessions are a one on one interaction between you and me, your coach. The coaching sessions will take place either face to face or online.

Don't delay, start your executive coaching today!

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