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Get To Know Your Customer

Take time to really get to know your customers. Ask past or existing customers what they love and dislike about your product or services. Find out why they chose to purchase from you versus your competitors.

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Executive Business Leadership Coaching Turns the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Sonja believes that unleashing leadership potential leads to self-empowerment and to the business success of those she coaches.

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Are Business Coaches Worth The Time And Money?

A wide variety of entrepreneurs, executives and established businesses work with business coaches to build their companies. Even companies who have done well historically, see the benefits of working with a coach when they lose traction.

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Does Business Coaching Work?

The outside independent perspective of a business coach can assist owners in defining which items are just tasks and which are long term objectives.

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Business Coaching, What to Expect.

If you’ve never worked with a Business Coach before, you might be unsure of what to expect. As well as what the benefits are and be curious about the process.

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Why Appoint An Executive Coach?

When appointing an Executive Coach you will be making an investment in Yourself and Your Organisation.

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What Leaders Need Now

Leaders need new capabilities to continue to achieve their ever-changing business goals. They need to lead with agility

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Leadership After Lockdown

Now that the lockdown is easing and more and more companies can start trading, many are hoping things will return to a form of "normal". The harsh reality is that this will not happen, apart from the obvious elements of social distancing, masking up, temperature checks and all the other regulations, there are other elements […]

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