Get To Know Your Customer

We all know one of the keys to sales success is understanding our customers wants and needs. Customers buy for two reasons either they need what you are selling, or they want what you have got. 

It is your role to fill the need or create the want, this can sometimes be tough, yet ask yourself how well do you really know your customers?  

I was recently speaking to a friend in real estate who was talking about the challenges of the industry. The time they were spending showing houses to people, only for them to be given the run-around continually. The obvious question that was going around in my head was how well do you know what your customers want and need?

As part of building a relationship, it is essential to build trust, to understand what makes people unhappy or happy and what gets them talking and wanting to spend more time with you. The same principles apply with your customer relationships, what are their pains, what do they like, what do they dislike, what makes them jump for joy vs. run for the hills? If you can get inside your customers head, find ways of solving their problems and making their life easier, you are one step closer to achieving success.

Here is the mistake we often make,  you have a product or service which you want to sell, and so you start the process of selling. At what stage do you start thinking about who you are selling to? When do you ask yourself, why would this person want my product or service? If you are in a highly competitive industry, why would they buy from me versus anyone else? If you do not know the answers to these questions, it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Take time to really get to know your customers. Ask past or existing customers what they love and dislike about your product or services. Find out why they chose to purchase from you versus your competitors. Then use this information to create a perfect sales solution for your real estate and future sales success. This will lead to your business growth.

Contact Coach Sonja Shear for fresh perspectives on how to grow your customer base and in turn your business.

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