Networking To Grow Your Business

The real value of networking is in your ability to help others. When you do your part, you will soon start reaping the rewards of networking. Effective networking will guarantee your business growth.

Networking is a two-way relationship. It is about getting to know someone better. It is about finding ways you may be able to help them and how they can help you in return.    

Networking events are an excellent way to present yourself and make new connections. Successful networkers work hard in developing relationships. They display a genuine interest in their networking contacts. They establish their credibility and share their knowledge and information. 

It is now easier than ever before to expand your network. There are several business network organisations you could join. Reach out to like-minded or key contacts within your social media networks. Consider the Six degrees of separation principle.  The idea that all people on average are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. With this in mind, each person you meet will know approximately another 200 people. If you can gain introductions to some of these contacts, you will quickly increase your network. 

Networking is about building relationships and trust. Once people trust you even if they have not made use of your business product or service offerings. They would be open to referring you to others. Networking is an ongoing process. It requires perseverance, attention, organisation and goodwill. 

Why should you build a network? A good, reliable network can result in new customers and opportunities. 

Real networking is about people enjoying other people. It is about communicating passions and connecting with others who share those passions. Take time to listen to your network. Figure out what others need. Find ways to then connect them with people you think can help, without any thoughts of personal gain. In the end, your network will help you to grow your business.

To see the benefits of networking your business, steer away from thinking, “What’s in it for me?” think “How can I help?” you will soon see what you give out comes back tenfold.

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