Resilient Leadership

As scary as it sounds to many of us, Halloween is just around the corner. Now that may not scare you as much as the thought that it means we are heading into the last two months of 2021. 

How has your business and team coped over the past 18 months? Many organisations quickly adapted and had staff working remotely and with teams staggering their time at the office. These changes impacted people mentally and emotionally. Many had to take on homeschooling roles while under pressure to continue to deliver business results. At the same time, businesses are operating in a market where the economic damage is already significant and far-reaching. So it is pressure from all sides.

Many leaders and business owners have not yet fully understood the emotional impacts the past 18 months have had on their teams and organisations. We all know the business environment has changed, the way we do business has changed. In the face of these inevitable challenges and uncertain difficult times, business leaders are concerned about how their organisations will be affected and what they need to do next. If leaders do not shift their thinking and become resilient, they will be left behind in the leadership race and end up with demotivated dysfunctional teams. 

It is at these times that organisations need resilient leaders to guide their organisations through this crisis. Leaders need to sustain their energy level under pressure to cope with disruptive changes and adapt quickly. They need to bounce back from the setbacks over the past 18 months and overcome their difficulties without engaging in dysfunctional behaviour or harming others in the process.

Here are five qualities resilient leaders need

  1. Resilient leaders should stabilise their organisations to deal with the crisis while identifying opportunities despite the complex constraints.
  2. Resilient leaders must take a robust and rational approach to protect financial performance. However, they should be compassionate, empathetic and walk in the shoes of their employees, customers, and their broader ecosystems.
  3. Resilient leaders need to take decisive action, which requires courage. Leaders should know that practicality is essential in such situations, even if their decisions appear to be selfish.
  4. Resilient leaders should approach matters directly and be confident with their vulnerabilities. They should be transparent about the organisation's current realities and environment; this includes what they don't know. While also painting a captivating picture of the future that inspires others to keep going.
  5. A resilient leader should stay focused, contemplating new business models that will likely develop and spark innovations that will define the future.

As companies prepare for the “next normal”, business leaders have the added responsibility to respond, drive continuity and thrive in the future. 

Resilient leaders can take tactical steps to overcome the current crisis, minimising the impact and helping their organisations emerge stronger. This crisis could become an opportunity to move businesses forward, creating more value and positive socio-economic impact rather than bouncing back to the status quo.

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