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By now, we should all understand the power of social media. Not only in creating awareness but as part of your business growth strategy.

We know that all our customers are online on at least one of the social media platforms. The platform may vary based on the demographics of your customer. Selecting the right platform for your target markets is an essential part of your plan. Spend time researching the various social media channels. This will help define where your customers are spending their time.

As a marketing tool, social media can be beneficial as you can directly target the people you want to reach. Also, the costs of advertising on social media are significantly cheaper than other classical marketing communication platforms, such as TV or print.

It is also essential that you train your team and set guidelines on the use of social media in the workplace. Remember, customers may like to "stalk" a little. Get your team set up their privacy settings on their personal social media accounts. Do not stand the risk of exposing your customers to any use of foul language by a staff member venting online. They also do not want to see peoples political views or ideas on any other controversial matters. Split your business and personal accounts.

Focus your social media efforts around driving awareness of what you offer. Get your past and existing customers to share their experiences of your business. It is essential to be transparent, negative reviews may happen. DO NOT delete these, instead find ways of addressing the matter at hand professionally. This will only make you look more professional in your target markets eyes.

Remember to use a professional profile picture on your business social media platforms. LinkedIn should not contain photographs of you in a bikini unless you are marketing yourself as a bikini model. Also, remove photos of your raucous weekends out with your mates.

A few things you can do on your social platforms

1.         Make sure the information is up to date, check contact details, website addresses and all other information.

2.         Update your trading hours 

3.         Do not trash your competitors on social media. It would be best if you were not doing this anywhere but in particular not online.

4.         Share good news stories

5.         Share your successes online

6.         Get customers to write reviews

7.         Use hashtags but don't go mad #10000hastagsnotcool.

8.         Stay up to date on what your competitors are doing online

9.         Link your social platforms where possible, many can link through to each other.

10.       List your social platforms on your website.

Although I am no SEO expert, I do understand the power of social media as part of your business growth strategy. 

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