Coaching Is An Organisation’s Secret Weapon For Recovery.

“I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process.”

– says John Russell Managing Director Harley Davidson Europe.

As organisations slowly emerge from the backlash of COVID-19, leaders and employers face a reality that even the most sound and well thought out contingency plans failed to foresee. At this time of such uncertainty and pressure, many leaders face the biggest challenge of their career. Employees want answers on the way forward, forcing organisations to implement new processes. Remote work will likely remain part of many organisational cultures, and this switch to remote teams will force companies to review their working culture.  

Leadership challenges and coaching

There are many complexities leaders have to face. However, the most significant challenges they have to overcome are employee productivity and motivation levels. The current practices and policies to keep staff engaged, focused and productive may no longer be applicable. Many of the influencing factors, such as team dynamics, work environments, working patterns, team support solutions and information technology requirements, have now changed.

An extensive report by McKinsey entitled “Fostering employee productivity and morale through COVID-19” highlighted the need for organisations to provide flexibility in terms of both tasks and working patterns, as well as promote good health and well-being practices, ensuring that employees are supported across “mind, body, and purpose.” The report also stated that a failure to act appropriately could have long-term implications for organisations’ and leaders’ reputations, particularly if they lack empathy.

The Benefit of working with a coach

These changes are precisely why coaching is the solution that organisations need right now. Leaders who are willing to call in the expert advice of a coach and are open to new ways of thinking, working and interacting, will be the ones who will be remembered for guiding their organisation through one of the biggest challenges in its history.

Leaders are faced with many new challenges when it comes to running effective teams, and few leaders are adept in all of the skills needed. Coaching can play a vital part in facilitating this transition in businesses and their teams, as leaders struggle to make sense of the new world in which they operate. Coaching can assist your teams in motivation, virtual work and mental resilience, well-being, and time management, allowing leaders to focus on the bigger picture, the more strategic and long-term decisions for which they have been appointed.

Online Coaching Solutions

Many coaches have adapted to the change and can deliver training, personal development and business development activities remotely. The time and costs associated with creating these programs in-house make a case for using external coaches more compelling. When time is of the essence, speed of implementation is crucial, and room for error is tiny; working with a coach is exactly the solution your organisation should be looking for.

Enter Sonja Shear who started her coaching career in 2014 born from her passion for driving people to reach their full potential. Sonja believes that unleashing leadership and teams potential leads to self-empowerment and to the business success of those she coaches. Her online coaching programmes concentrate on building confidence in leaders and their teams,  helping them to reach for the stars and grow their bottom-line results.

Sonja Shear believes that leadership Coaching is a process of self-understanding and the trigger points that develop emotional intelligence.

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