Thank Your Customers

As children, we are all taught the importance of saying our please and thank you’s. Continuing this practice is as important as part of your business growth. 

When a customer decides to purchase from you, it is essential for them to feel your gratitude. We all know the more grateful you are for what you receive in your life, the more good you will attract. I recall purchasing from Yuppiechef when they first started their online business. When my order arrived, there was a handwritten note enclosed with my order thanking me for my order. Not only was this very personal and touching, but I could not stop telling my friends to support this fantastic company. This company values my order so much, they had handwritten me a note. This business continued to do this for many years for all their customers. I believe this act of gratitude went a long way to building their "share of heart" and in-turn their market share. 

Part of our human need is to feel appreciated, this is a need you can help fulfil for your customers by saying thank you. There are many ways that you can say thank you in your business environment. 

Try some of these simple gratitude practices. 

1. Call a new customer and thank them for choosing you.

2. Send an email saying thank you.

3. Add the words thank you to your invoices and monthly statements.

4. Start a loyalty programme

5. Reward your customers for the purchases they make.

6. Introduce scaled rebate systems into your business.

7. Reward your customers for referring you to someone else.

8. Contact your customers to find out if they are happy. 

9. Offer to refer your customers' business to other people.

10. Introduce them to other customers on your books who could help their business grow.

An essential part of any business success is happy customers who keep coming back. The more content your customers, the more likely they are to refer you and also to keep returning. 

Saying thank you is an important part of your business development and your business growth.

For expert support on how to develop and grow your business across your business lifecycle, contact Coach Sonja Shear.

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