Connect With Your Customers

There is no doubt that strong relationships build strong businesses. Whatever stage of the business lifecycle your business is in. Never stop focusing on strengthening your relationships with your customers and your suppliers. 

There are many ways you can do this. One of the most cost-effective and impactful ways to make your customers feel special is to remember dates that are important to them. Use a CRM system that can assist you in this process. Add customers birthdays and religious celebrations. Some customers like to stay private, so do not hound people if they do not want to share this information. Professional Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn, often prompt you with this information. Save the information into your customer relationship management system. You will then have the dates for the future.

Birthdays are special to everyone. You do not have to arrive at their office with a cake or gift. A call to say happy birthday can go a long way to making someone feel special and remembered.  Do not limit your wishes. Remember that several people influence purchases in the company. Consider the impact of wishing the sales "gatekeeper" a happy birthday. There are certain people who may not want to be wished based on religious preferences, so ensure you understand these beforehand.

Other dates you could remember could be the anniversary of your business relationship. How would it make you feel if you received a message from a supplier thanking you for a year's worth of business? 

When it comes to gifting people, there are many mixed opinions on what is right or wrong. I like to gift my customers by giving the gift of giving. I get them to select a charity closest to their hearts and make a donation to that charity in their name. 

Relationship drive business growth and referrals. People buy from people, and they support people they connect with and like. Please go out and make your customers feel important and show interest in them.

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